Playing two Videos at the same time

I’m looking to playing two videos at the same time, one video with the video being visualized and the other video playing so you can here the sound from it. Overlapping (not in the corner)

basically myself talking about an event (in one video) but flicking back and forth to a video of the event<<< Can this be done.

any info would be appreciated.


This the solution basically similar to this answer here:

Put the video of you on track V2 and delete the portions where you want the other video to show.

Thank you.
Do I sync the one audio with the two videos first?
So that as I cut and paste, the audio stays in sync.
and how is that done?

If the two videos are continuous (e.g. you record from the beginning of a concert to the end without stopping), you simply start both videos at the same point on V1 & V2 you don’t do any pasting. Just cut out the bits of V2 where you want the corresponding bit of V1 to show. There is no need to sync the audio, providing you use the audio from V1 and switch off the audio on V2.

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