150 new Transitions

I read that there are over 150 transitions in the most recent update 20.02.17. I only see a handful. What am I doing wrong? I’ve searched this forum and I can’t find anything on this subject.


Thank you for the reply!! I guess I need step by step instructions as I have no idea what I need to do to get these new transitions to load into my most recent version. Sorry…

You have to download them from the link provided, then from your computer, when you hit custom, chose the transition you want (from where you saved the files from the google drive link) which is linked in the blog post link. They are MP4 files.

Just download the transitions you want to use. You can preview each one before download.


hi @Yseesee, further to @Hudson555x’s answer, more details here. This is the original post:


Thank you very much for the quick how to! I really do appreciate it very much!!

Very nicely done thank you for the extra information! I’m going to download the PDF and read the instructions and get a better understanding of these transitions!!

Thank you. Bear in mind the instructions are for using them with the mask:from file filter. That was before you could use them in a transition (v.20.02 onwards). Good luck!


hey @jonray thank you so much for these transitions…they work so well :yum:

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