1 year into Shotcut ! Thank You

Hi all,

Thought I like to express my gratitude to this Shotcut community after my 1 year stint using shotcut to build video clips which has become my hobby now.

I like to thank to many helpful people in this Shotcut community, with some people here that has inspire me on taking up “video editing” as my hobby. … @Namna, @MusicalBox, @jonray, @DvS, @Elusien, @sauron, @DRM, @Hudson555x and a few others. Their helpful suggestions in solving some of my problems in using shotcut has made my learning of shotcut very delightful. Jonray and a few others continuous attempt to do animation with Shotcut is most admirable … and that leads me to Blender as shotcut leader had suggested.

So with Shotcut and Blender, I am making personal projects (video clip) as my permanent hobby now.

Just to share with you a clip I had first publish (in view of the Corona crisis) of what learnt then .

to my most recent video clip with Shotcut and Blender.

It has been a long way since … just wanted to say thank you again.
Oh I have even got my wife into video editing with Shotcut too … and she just love it and have started to release her own video clips.



That last video with the drones is very impressive. You put a lot of work in your videos and I’m glad the forum was there to provide help or inspiration when you needed it.

Thank you @MusicalBox … I have not really gone into “realism” yet as still a lot to learn in both shotcut and Blender combination.

Good 3D effects!

Thank you @seemon for your kind words. Seems we have a bunch of folks on here who all seem to get on well :smile: And of course let’s not forget @shotcut and @brian without whom none of this would be happening.
Love your Blender animations!

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You are welcome Jonray and certainly can’t forget @shotcut who has been indeed very very helpful.
I can’t recall @brian … but surely must be a great member too.

Thanks too @bentacular.

Here’s the 2nd part of my video attempting to simulate multiple drones flying … that I saw on an advertisement but created my own scenarios. But guess more work is needed.

I took the liberty to “steal” the video clip from @musicalbox on Youtube advertisement in this thread

Also take on the idea of using “Balabolka” voice translation shared by @Elusien into the ending part of this video clip that I just made - Blue Mountain. Kind of funny …

Maybe it’s time to advertise too in Youtube… :slight_smile:


Cool video!! Love the humour at the end!! :+1: :smile:

Brian is the other main developer of MLT-Shotcut. He has made over 250 contributions to the code - (see below):

Taken from:

hi @jonray,
Is this funny somewhat … like to seek your sense of humour before embarking something bigger :slight_smile:

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That’s really cool, and funny, @seemon! :rofl: :rofl:Loved the vibrato on the singing!! Clever!

Ah glad you like it @jonray … yes lips vibrato part is realistic somewhat.
So nothing offensive …

Any other thoughts from anyone is appreciated.

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