Zooms and Scale in Projects Are Reversed When Opening MLT File

Acer Predator: Intel i7-8750H, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX1060.

Shotcut version 20.07.11

Hi, I just want to know why does the zoom in the video go reverse whenever I reopen a project. For context, I applied a zoom (from Scale and Rotate filter) varying from 125-300+ percent multiple times within a clip. When I reopen the project via clicking on the file itself, all the zooms reversed into 25% or less. Luckily, it doesn’t happen when I open Shotcut via shortcut and select the project within the app. Does anyone know what caused this bug?

When I open it from clicking on the MLT file:

It’s a bug, because for some reason it’s using an older version of Shotcut on your computer, hence the different/missing icons. If you check About - Shotcut, you’ll see the older version it’s using.

Workaround: Open projects using Shotcut’s Open File shotcut_2020-08-04_21-01-25

Yes, the scaling in Rotate and Scale was changed in version 19.12 to make it work better for keyframes. But if you try to open a project made with a version 19.12 or later in an older version, the older version does not understand this inversion.
The Split icon changed in version 20.07, which is how @Hudson555x was able to determine that double-clicking the .mlt file is running some older version.
You can also open the project from the Recent list or drag-n-drop onto preview window.

Actually it was more than the split icon that I noticed, it was also missing the grid icon, and the screenshot has the composite icon on V1. Also the R/S filter is missing the Background color, and the Scale bar is not accurate to today’s R/S filter.

I figured why this is happening though, at least for Windows 10.
For me when I originally tried this, it used version 19.01.19.
In my programs folders, 19.01.19 was the last folder.
These are folders that I named. Shotcut’s installer doesn’t assign the folder names
After I renamed the folder, I lost the Windows 10 File Association.

In Windows 10 the way to get back the file association or to change it (if you have multiple versions installed).

  • Select any mlt file from the Windows File Explorer
  • Right click, then Properties.
  • Click Change (Where it says Open with)
  • Click More Apps
  • Scroll all the way down and look for “Look for another app on this PC”
  • Locate the current version of Shotcut, select the shotcut.exe file.

Now when you double click on a MLT it will always seek that version of Shotcut.
So for every time you install a new version you’ll have to go through changing the file association each time if you wish to just double click on a MLT to use the current version.

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Thank you very much. Shame that the newer installations don’t completely replace older builds. I just checked right now, and the bugged projects uses version 18.08.14. Although, asides the bug, its up to date.

Shotcut does not register its file extension on Windows. You do that by using Open With in Explorer.

Shame that the newer installations don’t completely replace older builds.

They do if you do. You have the control; you chose different locations for old and new versions.

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