Zooming in and croping the rest out!

I can’t figure out how to zoom in and crop the rest out. I was able to do this with the older version called “Rotate and Scale”. The newer version only allowes me to zoom

Link below for clarification:
[Screen capture - b1b21831c29966cd5a665124696f1443 - Gyazo]
If you look the chat at the bottom left, i used 2 seperate tracks with the same video and syncronized them. But the other one is enlargened and zoomed in.

Please ask questions if you dont understand. I will edit this post retroactively.

I guess I personally don’t understand… but there’s a filter called size position and rotate. Also to remove part of the screen you can use crop filters, or if you want to remove a track for a moment, split that track and leave it empty for the duration you want it gone


Thank you, I missed the “transparent” option. What an annoying workaround though. But it works

With the “Size Position and Rotate” filter, you can make the image larger than the Video Mode. If you do that, anything outside of the preview window will be cropped off. You might need to zoom out the preview so that you can stretch the handles outside of the display.

In this example, the position is set to negative numbers - which moves the image to the left of the display. Those negative pixels will be cropped.

Hi Brian, do you know if there’s a better way than doing what patc3 explained? I noticed significantly more lag by doing it his way.

Oooor, can i download the old filter (Rotate and Scale) and import it? It was super convenient.

Uhm, i couldn’t edit the main post so i’ll post it here instead:

Does anyone know how to do this? Except the way patc3 did it.

Une autre possibilité qui vous conviendra peut-être mieux.
Mettez votre vidéo principale sur V2 (la vidéo du jeu)
Mettez la vidéo du chat sur V1
Sur V1 (Chat) mettez un filtre “taille position et rotation” sans rien régler
Sur V2 (Jeu) mettez un filtre “masque simple”, ajuster les paramètres pour le positionner à l’endroit ou vous voulez voir apparaitre le chat. Réglez le mode sur “Soustraire”
Retournez sur V1 (Chat) et ajuster les paramètres de taille et de position pour que la partie que vous souhaitez soit visible dans le masque.

Another possibility that may suit you better.
Put your main video on V2 (the game video)
Put the chat video on V1
On V1 (Chat) put a “size position and rotation” filter without adjusting anything
On V2 (Game) put a “simple mask” filter, adjust the parameters to position it where you want to see the chat appear. Set the mode to “Subtract”
Return to V1 (Chat) and adjust the size and position settings so that the part you want is visible in the mask.

Size Position and Rotate has the same functionality as the old “Rotate and Scale” filter. Did you try the zoom slider in the SPR filter?

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