Zoom way more in on timeline

Hello everyone,

is there a way to zoom way more in on the timeline? currently the maximum zoom means it show 12 seconds on my full hd monitor which is just too imprecise.

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At full zoom advancing or rewinding one frame at a time via the shortcut keys is as precise as one should need? What are you attempting to do that you need greater zoom levels?

EDIT: On my 1920x1200 monitor the highest zoom level shows 7 seconds of footage when the source is 50fps, 11 seconds when the footage is 30fps and 13 seconds with 24 fps footage.

I got to agree with AxxlForce, bit more zoom would be helpful. Current zoom is enough for rewinding/ advancing, but if you try to sync 2 tracks audio/video, it’s impossible to line it up exactly right… Its close but not perfect.

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exactly, that’s my usecase too: syncing up video with audio. also if you want to do some really fast cuts you’ll need more precision. I see no technical reason why we wouldn’t allow zoom of say 500ms on the x axis. so I hoped it was only configuration and there might be a simple workaround e.g. adapt a config file.

Yes, this is a problem
Please add a larger zoom timeline so it’s convenient to cut 1 frame

Not a problem.
You can already cut a single frame by advancing the play head a single frame using the arrow key or K+L

Ok I see, but what’s the point in cutting 1 frame when you’re too far away to see what you’re doing (especially on the wave forms of audio tracks). Can we please make this a feature request: more zoom

…sit closer to the PC then :smiley:

Seriously though, using the frame advance keys shows you precisely what you’re doing in the preview window, one frame at a time.
Personally I fail to see the problem you’re all having.

OK I attached a screenshot to illustrate what I mean (it’s on max zoom)

There’s a way to zoom greater when you need it.
Change the clip speed to 0.25x (or slower). This will update the time line and give you far greater zoom.
When done, return the clip speed to normal.

I make me think that I had a problem changing speed on a clip (increasing speed), before adding it to a timeline. After that, when I try to “recut”, I couldn’t see the end of the original clip. Did someone noticed that? Duration, was changed to new one and has I accelerated it, clip was shorter and only that duration was visible.

What does this have to do with zooming?

I increased the max zoom level for the next release due very early August 2017.


awesome! thanks so much!

you rock sir…thank you.

Great news, Cheers!!