Zoom trembling when text added

Zooming pictures or videos is absolutely smooth, when I render them. This works fine.

As soon as I add text (title, …) which remains static (no zoom) the zooming in the background starts trembling. When the text dissappears, zoomcontinues in a smooth mynner.
Any hints?
Thank you!

Hi Christian
Does the shaking also occur in the exported video?

it occurs only in the exported video.


What are the settings of your project? I’ll try to reproduce the problem.
Resolution? (ex: 1920x1080)
Frame rate? (ex: 30 fps)

Did you change anything in the export settings?

What version of Shotcut are you using?

What text filter do you use? Text: Simple? Text: Rich?

Also, do you apply the text filter directly on the image/video clips or on a transparent clip on the track above?

Resolution: HD 1080p
Frame rate: 29.97 fps
Export settings: H.264 High Profile (no changes)
Shotcut 22.10.25

Text filter: simple

I use a new track for text only (transparent clip above).

I used your settings and the same Shotcut version but I don’t reproduce the trembling problem.

Can you upload an exported video showing your problem?
Simply drag the clip in your post. Make sure it’s smaller than 4 megs.

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Sorry for the delay on my side. I completely remade my video, but the problem remains the same. Now, I upload a very short clip which show in the first few moments the trembling which disappears as soon as the text is finished.

I do not think that is a good example. I do not see trembling when the text is showing. However, I do think the zoom is too fast for this short duration. The biggest problem is this frame at 03:00 that looks like a glitch:

Is that what you are talking about? Some things to try:

  • As mentioned before, instead of putting the text directly on the image, put a text clip (Open Other > Text) on a track above the image.
  • Turn off Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing.

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