"Zoom timeline to fit" misses to scroll back

The operation “zoom timeline to fit” zooms back but the left end is not matching! There remains a scroll and the beginning is hidden. (This seems to be a potential trap when attempting to stack tracks left-justified at the start point and rely on the operation. I guess that the operation should leave the timeline with zero scroll position). It ocurred with a timeline clip of 5 minutes length, without the options “scroll to playhead on zoom” and “centre the playhead”.
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I had noticed that. :frowning_face: For my workflow, it is only a minor annoyance; I can imagine how it might trip-up a newbie, or be a major pain for others with a different workflow.

@Namna, do you think you can pass along your fix for this to Dan? Maybe he can include it in the upcoming 21.02 version.

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Oh, ma modification est très simple, mais elle concerne la V20-09. Je ne sais pas comment cela se passe dans la nouvelle version.
La commande du bouton d’origine
La commande après modification.

Oh, my modification is very simple, but it concerns the V20-09. I don’t know how it works in the new version.
The original button command

onTriggered: root.zoomToFit()

The command after modification.

onTriggered: {
        	scrollView.flickableItem.contentX = 0

@shotcut, can @Namna’s fix be passed on to the new version of Shotcut?

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This change was made for the next version 21.02

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