Zoom the Zoom

I searched but couldn’t find my specific question. Can you double zoom? Here’s what I mean. I’m doing a tutorial about a piece of equipment. I want to zoom in to part of the equipment to discuss it. No problem there. But then I want to zoom in even tighter without having to unzoom first. I guess it would be similar in concept to zooming and then panning the zoom.


Have you tried doing the zoom with keyframes?

@DRM, yes. I am using the Position/Scale/Rotate filter, zooming into what I want, and using keyframes to visually zoom in (View 2) from the wider view (View 1). I stop there to discuss it. Where I am having difficulty is trying to figure out how to get directly from View 2 to an even closer View 3.

Unless I’m missing something here, if you’re using keyframes then you should be able to zoom in from View 2 to View 3 just like you would zooming in from View 1 to View 2.

Here is a demo I made using your image.

Thank you. That’s what I am missing - multiple views moving fro one to the other in sequence. I’ve only been doing a single keyframe going from #1 to #2. How does one add the additional sequences?

I suppose you were using Simple Keyframes? What I did was done with the Advanced Keyframes that are turned on by pressing these buttons:

Thank you! I will definitely give that a try.

@DRM, thank you. I didn’t realize it required setting multiple keyframe points with whatever view parameters I wanted at each point. I was able to do it with a simple graphic. Appreciate the help!

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: If you felt that your issue was resolved it helps to mark the post that solved your problem with a Solution tag that way others who are looking for the same answer can find it easily in the first post.

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