Zoom (scale) from one scene to another, where neither are 100%

Hi all,

I’m editing a video demonstration for a piece of software - and have built and edited a screen recording.

By default, using rotate and scale, I am at 140% scale in the video.

When I highlight a specific button that needs to be pressed in the software, I have split the scene and jump to 180%.

This is fine, however, I’d like a smooth zoom transition, rather than it jumping from one level of zoom to another.

I have achieved this animation using keyframes for the 180% scaling.

However, as Shotcut moves from scene 1 - 140% to scene 2 - 180%, rather than zoom smoothly from 140% to 180%, for a split second in between, it jumps back to “no filter” of zoom 100%.

So the transition goes 140 -> jump to 100 -> smooth transition to 180.

Any ideas how i can get this to simply go 140-> smooth transition to 180?

Thank you!

As with other queries, it would be helpful if you could provide screenshots of your project where those behaviors you mention can be observed.
Shotcut has filters that can use keyframes.
These keyframes act in a linear, discrete, or smooth way.
The keyframe setting on a clip is not maintained if you split that clip.
Here is how to work with keyframes.

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Thank you for your help.

My original video, due to editing, has been broken down into many pieces.

I’ve created a small example video, attached. You’ll see that at the split, the zoom jumps back to 100%. What I want to achieve is for it to zoom from 150% - as per clip 1 - to 200% - as per clip 2. Not to go back to 100% in between.

Thank you!!

Forum vid 2|video

I think this happens because you added the filter and then split the clip, so at the beginning of the second clip the initial zoom value is 100%.
You can use keyframes on the second clip and set the initial value of the second clip to a value of 150.
Today is late for me. Maybe some colleague will assist you while I am sleeping.
If not, tomorrow I will try to see what can be done.

Thank you - that’s exactly the issue, setting the initial value - I can’t figure that bit out/find a demo.

At this moment I cannot make a more extensive explanation.
You should only watch the video-tutorial above linked to understand how keyframes work.
In your project you have a button to activate keyframes for Size and Position (zoom included) and another one to activate keyframes for Rotation.
Once you have activated keyframes on the selected clip, put the playhead where you want to adjust the zoom value.
If you want to set 100% at the start of the first clip, the playhead should be at that point. Set the zoom value to 100% (move the slider and press the reset button to return to the default value). Immediately a rhombus will appear on the keyframe display tab.
To set a 150% zoom at the end of clip 1, simply place the playhead at the end of the clip and then set the zoom value to 150%.
In the next clip do the same with the initial value 150% and the final value 200%.
In your video I don’t see any keyframes activated, maybe you used some zoom preset of the Size - position - rotate filter?

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Thank you - this worked!

It was my misunderstanding of keyframes.

I was using the keyframes tab, and applying the filter in this by dragging and dropping the triangle. Now I understand, this is not actuallly using the keyframes.

The keyframes button - within the filter - must be pressed, and then the dot used in “size and position” in keyframes used as the destination zoom level.

My misunderstanding was that

  • there is not a keyframe button next to zoom - I didn’t realise the white line next to it meant it was captured by the keyframe above for size (which you clarified - thank you)
  • that the dot created an animation - I thought a line (as per rotation) or the green triangle you can drag were required.

I now have a much better understanding of Shotcut - thank you! :slight_smile:

That’s great. I’m glad it works for you and you understand Shotcut better. :grinning:
There are many functions and with imagination you can combine many filters and achieve great things.
Understanding how keyframes work in Shotcut gives you a world of possibilities. :rocket:

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