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Hi guys.
I have minimize my video to the bottom right, on top of another video. The minimized video is me talking to the camera, while I am presenting information on the rest of the screen. Think of it as you are in an online meeting, and the presenter is in the bottom right while presenting information.

However, when I try to zoom in on that minimized video, it does NOT hold the position. Rather it readjust the size and position. As I zoom in, my minimized video gets bigger or smaller, rather than simply zooming in on the locked position in the bottom right.

I want to hold the same position down in the bottom right, but be able to zoom in and out on the minimized video. If you try this, you will notice it does NOT hold the position.

How do I hold the video position while zooming?

Hi @Roblems
In the Size Position & Rotate filter parameters, change the Horizontal Fit to Right and Vertical Fit to Bottom



Thanks for the answer. So cool of you.
However, that did not work.
The video still did not hold the position. It grew bigger.
I am looking to lock the position of the smaller video.

So if I understand, you want to zoom in the small video, but you want it to stay the same size?

Like this?

You’ll need to add a Crop: Rectangle filter with the same Size and position settings as your Size, Position & Rotate Filter. And don’t forget to Click the Transparent button next to the Padding Color setting.

Size, Position & Rotate settings. Note that I did set the Vertical Fit to Top.

Crop: Rectangle Settings

When you’ll zoom using the SP&R filter, the small image will remain the same size.
IMPORTANT The Crop filter needs to be UNDER the SP&R filter in the filters list.

You are the best.
That’s what I was looking for.
Thank you very much

You’re welcome.
Glad I could help.

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