Zoom in on a specific part of an image

I’m trying to use the Size, Position & Rotate filter to try and zoom in on a specific part of an image (it’s not a video, but rather a compilation of images I’m using). But instead of letting me choose what part I want to zoom in on, the entire image either shrinks or grows depending on what I do with the box.

Basically, I want to do something like this video here. Where the guy is showing the text first and then zooms out to show the rest of the image:

You can drag the image around to where you want to zoom in on. Click and hold on the the circle in the center of the rectangle box to drag it where you want. If you zoom in a lot and the center circle is out of view, there is a second way to also drag the image around.

Every time you pick the Size, Position & Rotate filter a help dialog box appears under the player letting you know how can have more control of the rectangle box:

Clicking anywhere inside the rectangle then pressing and holding Shift like it says above will allow you to move and drag the rectangle around even if you are not grabbing it from the middle.

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Yes, but instead of only the box moving, the entire image changes every time I alter the box. I only want to focus on the text, that’s all. Like cropping the image to a specific part and then zooming out to reveal the entire image, for example.

What do you mean the entire image changes? Did you set the image down on the timeline like any normal clip and just apply Size, Position & Rotate? You said before that:

The image “shrinking or growing” is how you zoom in and out.

Ok, so it’s like this:

-I set the image in the timeline.

-I go to filters

-I select Size, Position & Rotate

-On presets, I select “Default”

-On the project, I grab the box to place it where I want it to zoom in, but by doing so, the entire image alters itself instead of just staying in place.

Here is a demo of what I am talking about. I am zooming in the image and dragging it to the text of “HELLO THERE” using the instructions that I posted above which appear under the player every time you pick the Size, Position & Rotate filter. Then I keyframe it to animate it so that it starts on the text then zooms out to the whole image.

Is that helpful?

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Hello Kesekaya;
I am unsure of your experience level (mine is also limited) but imo what you are currently going through is some slight confusion on how the software (and video editing in general) works. All part of the learning curve, and I would suggest revisiting some of the Shotcut tutorials, both on here and YouTube, and eventually you will start to understand the workflow and how to achieve most simple effects (such as the one you are requesting, which is not difficult).

@DRM already gave you a good answer and the tools necessary to do this, and he even included a zoom out from the close-up to the full image (which isn’t present in your sample request). You might be extremely busy at the moment - totally understandable - but it’s been 9 days since they posted a solution for you which was the same day you asked, and imo it would be nice to acknowledge that effort.

Anyway, here is a quick dirty representation of what you asked for:

I am attaching a zip file with an MLT, the associated image, and the video I exported to achieve the same effect as your YouTube link. You should just be able to place them all under one folder (I called mine kesekaya). Then you can take a look at it in Shotcut to see how it’s done. I used version 22.03.30 and exported at 720p in this case because that was the size of the first image I grabbed, but none of that should make a difference.

HTH. Good luck and stick at it!
KesekayaZoomDemo.zip (940.4 KB)

Thank you for the advice DRM. I appreciate your help in this topic. I will keep practicing so that I may master these effects. Take care :+1::blush:

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