Zoom Image and then Pan

Hi guys,

I’m hoping this is something really simple to do and I’m just not figuring out the right way.

What I want to accomplish is to zoom in on a specific point of a large image and once zoomed in, panning from that already zoomed in spot to another spot on the same image at the same manification.

I can get the initial zoom to work fine using Size and Position but can’t figure out a way to perform the subsequent pan to another spot

Any help appreciated

You can use advanced keyframes to achieve this effect. They give you full control and the possibility for setting start and end points. Just press the stop watch and activate the keyframes panel with View > Keyframes or Ctrl+7 (on Windows).

This tutorial might be enough to explain how to use keyframes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bszx53KtNY. Otherwise, just ask for further instructions :slightly_smiling_face: .

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Thanks for that. I did finally figure it out. How to add keyframes in Shotcut is super unintuitive…

Once I figured out how to do that, it was easy from there

My pleasure.
I am curious to know what you would find more intuitive.

Well what I found confusing is that when you enable Keyframes on a filter, there’s no obvious way of adding another keyframe… I don’t know why there’s not just a button next to the “Set simple keyframe” buttons to add another keyframe

I ended up finding out that clicking that circle in the viewer at the time you want will create a new keyframe at that point, but I only found that out by finding a different reply on here

I understand that this can be confusing. The logic seems to be that a keyframe is added automatically if you change something, so either by moving the rectangle or typing a value.
An advantage for this behaviour is that one does only have to place the playhead and change a value instead of placing the playhead, changing a value and then pressing a button.
But I agree that a separate button for adding keyframes as an option would be helpful.

Somel filters have a button for adding key frames.


See this thread for the reason for this.

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