Ziplining - 1st Use of Color Grading

Finally did some homework, set my GoPro to the Flat color setting, and applied Color Grading with Shotcut, instead of just adding Contrast like I did in the past. I’m use to doing something similar with my RAW photos so trying to figure it out for moving / changing video using the Video Vector and Waveform scopes is a bit perplexing for me on proper procedure, but I hope to get there.

I’ve watched it on various devices and it’s interesting how different the video will look with each.

I’ve tried to study Export Color Range Broadcast Limited vs Full and I’m still not sure which I should be using for sharing with others.

I’m also anxious to improve my intro title but I also like keeping it simple.

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I am not sure what YouTube does with it, but the GoPro cameras record in full range. There are many people who upload short clips from the camera without editing (or trimmed in YouTube’s editor).

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