Zeitangaben bei Metadaten

Nach dem Einlesen eines Films stimmen die Zeitangaben der Aufnahme, (bezw. der Original-Aufnahmezeit) von bereits am PC gespeicherten Clips, in den Metadaten nicht mit meiner Zeitzone überein. (MEZ +1).
Da ich mit verschiedenen Kameras aufnehme wäre es sehr hilfreich die genaue Zeitangabe im Clip zu sehen, oder einstellen zu können.

Please use English as most people here do not understand Deutsch, and you want to get the most viewers possible to provide help. Here is the Google translation:

After reading a movie, the recording times (or the original recording time) of clips already stored on the PC in the metadata do not match my time zone. (CET +1).
Since I record with different cameras, it would be very helpful to see the exact time in the clip, or to be able to adjust.

I do not understand where you are seeing recording times. It could be in Properties > Metadata or your OS file manager. In either case, Shotcut is simply reporting what appears in the file, and it might have a trailing "Z’ which means the universal UTC or GMT timezone. Shotcut does not try to interpret metadata and reformat it. It reads it as a string from the metadata embedded in the file and simply shows it in raw form. If you are talking about another area where you see the recording time, please show a screenshot.

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