YouTube stock issue!

Hey guys, in Shotcut’s latest update, they add a new Youtube stockstrong text for exporting videos

I’ll use the new stock for two videos and they ran fine.

And when I uploaded another video to YouTube with the same stock (And the same 29.970 frames per second and 70% Quality), this video was completely fucked up.

I don’t know if I could curse here (i’m not an unprofessional person by any means), but the video was not following my audio track & when I blurred a specific part of the video, the blur would come too early.

Also, If I added an image, the image would appear five seconds late.

I exported the video twice; by the way, with the same frames per second and quality as before.

Could be that I put way too many frames per second and thus I should leave it at 25.000 frames per second like before.

I could be wrong!

And the fact there was no problem before makes things questionable.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this.

James Voufo Safor