YouTube Endscreen

You can get endscreen for your YouTube channel for free and if you want to use my other work for commercial work you can ask me anytime or fill out the form in my site resources tab, this work is not mine so you can ask its original maker from youtube by searching cyber dotcom.

Real Link:

Original work can be found here:

To find other YouTube End Screen templates:

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Ya, Oh I forgot to mention the copyright owner thanks for reminding.

Wait sometime, I will edit my site.

Hey @Hudson555x, Thanks for reminding me, Actually I was finding a endscreen for helping peoples in this site to directly find some resources So they don’t need to lookout everywhere but in all of this I forgot that I need to mention the copyright owner, Again thanks for reminding me.
I edited my site and mentioned the real owner, Checkout:-

The actual download link listed in the video description is this.

Now two links are there, Hooray.
It’s a bad joke.

I don’t understand… You take someone else work, you offer it on your website and people need to ask YOUR permission to use it commercially? Even if the original creator say it’s completely copyright free ?


No need to ask me for this work, it is of other creator, I would also put the text that it is totally copyright free and you can get it also from original link. I just copied some text from my old post and pasted so that’s why the text is there for permission.

Lot of edits remaining god, Next time I will do whole copyright rights, real info, etc. before posting.