Youtube doesn't show 480p transcode, only with video made with shotcut

hey guys, i post this on reddit previously, but i figure might as well try a shot here, previously i use Vegas Pro 14, but its too old now that it wont even launch anymore, so i switch to shortcut, but theres funny bug where every single video that i uploaded won’t show 480p on the transcode option, is there any reason for this ?, am i doing something wrong ?, this never happen when i upload video made with Vegas Pro

heres couple of screenshot of other people video and mine, shows it should works on my end
sorry its on imgur since i only able to upload 1 image here

Hi @Samvid

This doesn’t seam to be Shotcut’s fault.
I just downloaded a 1980x1080 video from Pexels and uploaded it directly to my YouTube channel (no editing in Shotcut), and 480p is not available:

Maybe it’s a new thing implemented recently by YouTube? In all my other videos (edited in Shotcut or not) 480p is available.

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This is a recent issue as of December 20 on YouTube’s side. See all replies in this Twitter thread to track YouTube’s response:


aaahhh, thanks guys !,phew, i thought i’m going crazy lol

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