You are runing low on avaliable memory :-(

I got this message when started a video export

shotcut out of memory

How many memory does Shotcut needs to export to youtube and other formats ?

Im not complaining … just getting information to make a tutorial video to my portuguese shotcut youtube channel

thanks in advance

How much memory Shotcut/ Melt uses depends on lots of things. How many filters are you using? How complicated are these filters? How much keyframing are you using? How many transitions? How many tracks? How many clips? What resolution are you exporting to? What resolution are your clips? What codec are you using? are you using “parallel threads”? Are you using “Hardware Encoding”? …

The only way to know is to try it and see. On your windows system:

  • Reboot
  • Use Ctrl Alt Del and choose “Task Manager”
  • Select “Resource Monitor” on the tab at the bottom and choose the Memory tab.
  • Click on the “Working Set” column to see the amount of Physical Memory in use by the processes.
  • Start Shotcut and start the export, then monitor how much memory it uses.
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