XML clip audio issues

I’m having an issue with XML clips, where their audio isn’t the same as the original file the XML clip came from. So basically I have a large project where I put five or so XML clips on the same shotcut file to add music and export it, but I found that after I exported it, several of the clips had the audio wrong.

Not that the audio was simply offset or something, but rather it was as though the original audio had been rolled back a half second or so.

Basically, instead of the audio being desynced as a whole, single waveform; it was like every clip in the XML file was offset on it’s own, so you could hear noises that I cut in the original file. This was in the exported mp4 as well, so it wasn’t just a preview thing.

please help, I think this is a bug but if you have a way to fix it plz tell me, if you need more info just ask.

I did a bit more testing, and if I cut several of the XML clips out and leave only two, the effect isn’t nearly as noticeable. It’s almost as though the export is lagging because of how many clips are in the timeline. idk tho

With no project details, my best guess would be you have one or more XML clips with mismatching Video Mode FPS. (Example 30fps clip 1 and 25fps for clip 2).

Or you have one or two XML clips off by a few frames.
Zoom in all of the way on the timeline to confirm placements
In this example, the image on V2 is off by just 1 frame

The best thing you can do is recreate the issue with the smallest amount of files/steps so it’s easy for all to understand and help with.

Try restarting your computer. Sounds silly, but it’s solved many issues here.

And make a backup copy of your project files before making any changes to ensure nothing get’s lost. Sounds like a major project.

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