Xeon 8 core 16 threads lagging on a simple project

Hello. I have an old but powerful machine featuring dual cpus, however i currently use it in one cpu mode with a Xeon 2660 2.2ghz 8/16 threads. I also use an NVME PCI SSD and old Radeon hd7750. Also the latest software version. I need to create a video with the subtitles to the song. The project is simple, near empty: it is static 1080p picture, some text subtitle and a wav music file. No effects, whatever. However, despite it is lite, the audio playback chopps horribly, using only one thread of 16. When i stop the playback and do some operations with the video, each button press the system plays a millisecond of the audio. Is it normal and i my pc just to weak or is this a bug?

Try what is said here:

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Only one thread? Are you using the 32-bit version of Shotcut?

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I didn’t notice that fact. The fact is that very few include in the query, information about operating system and version of Shotcut. Many times I assume that the user uses the latest version and therefore the 64-bit one.