Wrong clips are played after reopening the project


I made two projects using Shotcut and everything was ok. I have made an export of the compilation i made.
When i open now again the first project it opens properly and also on time line i can see pics of the clips i used, bit when playing the timeline, it is playing clips of second project i made.

Any idea what i did wrong ? Is this a bug or can it be solved easily ?

Thanks in advance !
Kris (Belgium)

What version of Shotcut are you using?

Did the two projects reference videos or pictures that had the same filenames? Were any pictures or videos swapped or moved in between the two projects? The project files do not hold copies of the media. The project files only reference media files on disk. If the media gets jumbled around, the project file will play whatever filenames happen to match what it’s looking for.

Version is 19.10.20

Thanks fir your reply, and I think it makes sense… but is there any way to find out to which path the program is referring ? If yes, i could copy clips again to its original place…

Simply copy the .mlt file and open the copy in a text editor, like https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and look for the filenames. Look for the string: ‘resource’.

Yes, if you have renamed any of these clips, rename them back to their original names and all should be OK.


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