Wrong aspect ratio for 2560x1080?

Hi everybody, I’ve been trying to set up some custom export presets for different videos I make in 2560x1080px resolution. I have noticed that aspect ratio is set to the same value (2560:1080) only in automatic mode or when I select some certain predefined presets. Once I make my own, aspect ratio value changes to 2500:1080, 2520:1000 etc which creates black bars.

Upon preset creation the aspect ratio in it’s “config” is aspect=2.37037, but I guess it either is wrong or there’s something wrong with how Shotcut calculates resolution to aspect or vice versa.

It’s my second day of using this software and i have a rookie barebone experience with video editing at all. Wasn’t sure if it is a bug or a feature… :slight_smile:

Hi @honger

Create custom Video Modes instead.

Make sure you give a name to your new custom Video Mode. If you don’t, it will not be saved.
Also, if you’re not certain of the aspect ratio (ex: 16:9, 4:3, etc…) of your new custom Video Mode, make sure you write the same values in Resolution and Aspect Ratio


Thanks for help. Just wanted to add that while the exported video would be in proper aspect ratio, the preview seen in software sometimes may have a black bar on one or two sides. Tried with five different projects (same video mode), two times had that “bug”. Restarting Shotcut and opening the “bugged” project will make the black bar dissapear in preview.

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