Would you help to translate shotcut in your language or any other language you know

*( Note regulars are just the trusted members of this site, Not the staff of shotcut)

Hello I am @Ar_D , This topic doesn’t fit in any category of this forum that is why I have set it to uncategorized.
I think it will be good if shotcut supports as much languages as possible, and for this shotcut has a place where you can translate shotcut in your language, and if your language is not available in the list shown the site where you can translate shotcut then you could request your language to come on the list.

It would be nice if shotcut supports your language, because you could then work with more comfortability.

Currently I am working on “Hindi” language.
And also I have translated remaining one string in “Czech” Language to make shotcut totally support the Czech Language.

Thanks :grinning:

From Arpit Dutt

Edit:- Yesterday the Czech language was updated, now there are 9 more strings to translate.

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How can we access the “strings to translate” in each language on that site?

In the website just click on “Help translate shotcut” and sign in then click on the language you want and you will get a list if words or strings to translate.

Hmm - site seems dead right now? No reaction at all - all blank… (probably temp. error)
Sorry my browswer fault…

But seems you have to setup an account with transifex… cumbersome
(really dont want to spread my email everywhere)

You can also log-in with one of your public accounts such as Google, Github, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, if you have one.

I never use my Google e-mail for anything other than signing into Chrome and using it for third-party logins, such as this. See:

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Just create a new e-mail for third party logins like I use, Google account is my main and private account and for third party logins I use something like yahoo, and sometimes some temporary email generators when I will be logging in to the website for few hours.

I really wonder why this is external of SC?
When i am logged in here, it should be possible to help without having to login in somewhere else?

I also wonder this.

But I don’t know why it is like it, I first came to know about this translation site when Dan did a DM to me asking to translate shotcut in Hindi Language, and also while searching the term Translate Shotcut on google it shows This site, And this site redirects to shotcut site only, So it is a legitimate one. I think the possibilty is that transifex is a special site meant for making translations only, So Shotcut is using it for more cleaner and tidy interface on his site rather than having tons of pages linked on the page. And having one place for making a specific tasks.

By the way how is my new profile picture? (The Rick pic, A name to my new profile picture)
I also have this on imgbb so I could share it to anyone I want:-

It means that Dan can concentrate on developing Shotcut rather than spend effort on creating his own internationalization system for translations. Transifex is free for open source projects. Volunteers do the translation, Dan downloads the translations and the Qt interface does the localisation automatically via the qsTr() function.


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