Would it be possible to be able to work on videos in 2020 and 10 bits gamut?

serait 'il possible de pouvoir travailler les videos en gamut 2020 et 10 bits ?

La plupart des TV sont en capacité d’images HDR, elle permettent la lecture de videos en BT 2020 et remplacent petit a petit les autres TV ordinaire en gamut BT 709.
Le gamut 709 reduit trop les finesses des couleurs, tandis que le gamut 2020 les elargissent et les rendent plus fines et plus adapté a la qualité, elle rendent un effet qui s’approche aussi un peu du HDR et rendent l’image plus belle.

Les TV hdr sont de plus en plus nombreuse et abordable, le travail en BT 2020 apporterait un plus pour ces TV.


Would it be possible to be able to work on videos in 2020 and 10 bits gamut ?

Most TVs have HDR image capability, they allow video playback in BT 2020 and are gradually replacing other ordinary TVs in BT 709 gamut.
The 709 gamut reduces the finesse of the colors too much, while the 2020 gamut widens them and makes them finer and more adapted to the quality, they give an effect that is also a little close to HDR and make the image more beautiful.

HDR TVs are becoming more and more numerous and affordable, working in BT 2020 would bring a plus for these TV.

Thank you.

Handbrake permet de passer au gamut 2020.

Handbrake allows you to switch to the 2020 gamut.

HDR is not currently possible. The only “support” is to use the Convert tool in Shotcut to change the clip to 709 color space.

End-to-end 10bit support is possible in a very specific scenario where you use the “experimental” GPU mode and only use GPU filters.

Many people find that get achieve good results by using 10bit sources, edit in 8 bit in Shotcut, but then export in 10bit. This seems counterproductive. But the 10bit encoding is still useful for avoiding banding effects in the encode (even with the 8 bit pipeline in Shotcut).

10 bits sert a ameliorer principalement les graduations de bande de couleur, pas la couleur.
J’ai une TV HDR, le gamut 2020 rend plus realiste bien des couleurs, l’etendue de ces couleurs permet plus de realisme, tandis que le 709 passe souvent a coté des couleurs vraiment realistes, parce qu’il reduit trop leurs etendues de couleurs.

Avec le 709 les couleurs ont plutot tendance a etre dures en comparaison du 2020 capable de plus gamme de couleurs.

10 bits is used to primarily improve color band graduations, not color.
I have an HDR TV, the 2020 gamut makes many colors more realistic, the range of these colors allows more realism, while the 709 often misses out on realistic colors, because it reduces their color ranges too much .

With the 709 the colors tend to be harsh compared to the 2020 capable of a wider color range.