Would anyone like to make a short shotcut video for me?

I have made some very simple videos with shotcut. I like it a lot but need a short video fairly quickly. It’s less than a minute. I don’t have time to learn how to do this. I am looking for someone who shows knowledge of shotcut on this forum. I can’t send money to someone at random. My offer and the video details are here.



I assembled the video for you.

Put the MLT in the folder containing all the material you put in the zip file.

Clock.mlt (25.5 KB)

The video resolution is 1280x720 25 FPS.

If it meets your approval, go here, scroll to the bottom of the page and donate the $100 to the Shotcut project.


Eye opener - Shotcut can be used to conceptualise a video. One thing I could not understand - What does track V2 do? Does it help locate gaps in the clips on V3. Thanks for this insight into your work .:clap::clap::clap:

Wow, what a touching little story - a lovely little film, a generous offer of payment for some work, promptly carried out by @sauron, then the lovely gesture of a donation to the Shotcut project. Restores my faith in humanity! @essence, thank you, your mother’s clock is amazing! @sauron, you did this community proud!! :+1::grinning:

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Lovely gesture - a great ambassador for the Shotcut community.

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V2 has the color clip EEDD82 that the OP asked for.

Thank you so much Sauron. It means a lot to me. I have donated the money to Shotcut. Also I mentioned you and Shotcut here and here .


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