Wot! No Donate?

Hello Shotcut. Found this after trying several Video Editors out.

All paid for (around £50 mark) and they generally worked OK - but all I want to do is top/tail* some broadcast material that I CAN’T buy on DVD. Oh, and convert it from TS to MP4.

Now I use MediaPortal (a LOT) and I pay them at least once every couple of years because I use it so much.

Well, I tried Shotcut and it works too - so how do I donate?

I LOVE free software, but equally I think work should be rewarded and so I tend to pay for anything I use repeatedly.

*PS I have the artistic talent of a brick, so this is as creative as I get. Now ask me about software and I’ll fly. That’s why I wrote some plugins and an Android app for MediaPortal – not likely too for this though.


i too like to donate, give a little tip for a beer or lunch
ive had issue with paid video editing software and shotcut/mlt works great and fits my needs better

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I looked long and hard for a way to donate to Shotcut and came up blank. This disappoints me! At the end of every tax year I take a percentage of my earnings and divide that sum among the free/libre projects I use professionally. This year I didn’t send anything to Shotcut because I didn’t know how, even though I made money using Shotcut and want to support it. Yeah, there is a merch page, but I don’t particularly like the design. I even looked on Dan’s personal site to donate directly and could not. @Dan: At least put a PayPal Donate button somewhere so we can buy you a beer man, c’mon. :slight_smile:

Shotcut is a fantastic tool that just keeps getting better with every release.

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Yeah, I’d donate a bit as well :slight_smile: Specifically if I could vote for features with donations :slight_smile:

Patreon was mentioned in a Facebook comment:


Source https://www.facebook.com/shotcutapp/posts/2304689156225334?comment_id=2320102274684022&reply_comment_id=2332585153435734&comment_tracking={"tn"%3A"R1"}

If I remember correctly, these forums used to be for donators only.

am on patreon, been there for a few years, how about donate to get features quicker in shotcut?, that way everyone wins

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Hi @shotcut
Is it still possible to donate via Paypal on the email
dan@den…org ?

Yes, it is!

OK, IMO, you should put it in a more obvious place on the website.
Maybe with a top menu entry with “support the project” or a paypal button everywhere (or at least on the DL page)

+1 to that. Other than merch I’ve not seen a way to donate and I haven’t seen the reference to paypal mentioned above. Shotcut has been great for me and the responsive way it’s being developed is to be commended. Pay/vote for features doesn’t sit well with me but if, like myself, you can’t really give back by helping development but you want to contribute somehow, a donation page or just an easy to find link would be very welcome :smiley:

Sorry for bringing up this very old thread!
I really appreciate all the work and effort which has been spent into making such a great and free software. Specially with the newest release, I’m absolutely happy and I’d like to honor this by donate something…
Is it still possible to donate by paypal to the address mentioned above? Or is there another, more official way to donate?

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I appreciate the offers, but I get funding for the work through the ads on the web site and forum. Simply spreading the word, participating in the forum, and providing feedback to make Shotcut better all help to that end! Also, share any videos you make in our new Made with Shotcut category here on the forum. I would like to see contributing developer @brian get some donations/tips instead of simply the small, annual gift I give him to share the love if he wants to share a paypal address or something else along these lines…


Well… I wouldn’t turn down beer money.


Thank you both again for all the effort you spent and send into making Shotcut such a great software!
I’ll try to paticipate in the forum, report bugs and helpout others if I can, but because my time is limited here, I feel like I should balance with a little donation as well :slight_smile:

There is now a donate button on the download page: