Working with Proxies and Sections or Chapters

I have an old laptop I use for experimenting (the one I’m typing on now; a dual boot set up which is about to go, an A8 CPU with R5 graphics, 12 Gb RAM, and a 1Tb HDD). Using proxy’s and scaling with 4k, although slow, gives acceptable performance, and I can even play chess or watch a movie while exporting (@1080p). All of the videos I’ve uploaded to Youtube have been created on this machine with Shotcut (including my niece’s 21st birthday and the truck show parade) so 1080p videos on Linux with no SSD are quite possible.

And now I have a question. I read up on Proxies including the various issues posters were having, and I can’t find any mention of my issue (sorry if this is a repeat).

I break my projects into separate sections or chapters to minimise complexity and help with performance. For instance, in the last truck show I had a WinningEntries video (made from other templates) which is then brought into the final GoreTruckShow mlt. However, while using proxies, if I make a mistake or need to add something to the WinningEntries video, after re-exporting that video I don’t see the updated changes reflected in the GoreTruckShow mlt. The weird thing is, if I run an export on GoreTruckShow the changes ARE reflected in that output, it’s just I can’t see them in Shotcut. I’ve tried closing and reopening Shotcut and regenerating the WinningEntries proxy. The only way I’ve been able to get past this is to remove WinningEntries from the GoreTruckShow playlist and bring it back in for re-editing, which requires dragging it back to the timeline. No big deal and I have to learn to try and get things right the first (or second) time where possible! But this is slightly annoying, given If I had just done everything in one big project it wouldn’t be a problem (other than performance of course).

The next step is a simple experiment on windows to see if I get the same behaviour. I’ve tested on versions 22.03.30 and 22.06.23 (AppImages). Is there something I’m doing wrong or missing here, because I wouldn’t be surprised? I hope that makes sense.


After some simple experimenting, here is what works. If I follow this specific order, and only this order, there is no problem:

  1. Open, update and export WinningEntries.mp4
  2. Open GoreTruckShow.mlt
  3. Select WinningEntries.mp4 on the timeline → Properties tab → Proxy → Delete Proxy and WAIT 5 seconds (this is important and if I close immediately I see no change reflected).
  4. Close and reopen Shotcut
  5. Select WinningEntries.mp4 in the timeline (the changes should be visible because there is no proxy right now so this is the original file being displayed) → Properties tab → Proxy → Make Proxy

And then it shows the changes. If I close too early in the previous step, this is where the old proxy file reappears. Simply turning proxies off and on doesn’t work for me either, even after I’ve deleted the WinningEntries proxy manually.

Problem solved!

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