Working with and moving markers

I’ve been using markers for well marking points in video. Well inevitably, they get desynced because I forget to ripple markers or I leave on the ripple markers accidentally. They are helpful but hard to keep where I place them while making edits.

So, is there a way I can just move a group of markers or move one and then just ripple all the ones after it without changing any other content? Am I missing an option here?

I’ve resorted to taking a chunk of video and then just pasting or removing it and then changing the ripple marker options to get them to re-align.

Is there a way to lock or sync the markers to just a specific track? I have a main video track that they are all tied to and if I could just “sync” them to that one only that would solve a whole bunch of frustration when I edit other tracks and have to make sure I uncheck that button.

Thanks in advance!

Before there was a marker feature some people would add a video track, hide it, and put a color clip on it. Then, you can work with it using all of the editing features including ripple. You can change clip color and rename them too to add notes. You can still do that (without using and syncing markers), and the answers to all of your questions are “no” for the the markers feature. IOW, don’t use markers. Or, use it only for exporting regions or adding chapter descriptions at the end of the project.

Hmm okay so what I’m getting from what you are describing, First add a video track, hide it (eye icon), then I can use Open Other - Color, and then use the comments of that for what I want to annotate.

Well I guess that’s one way. Though, playing around with the Open Other - Color feature, I now can just add a Color Clip (on an unused track), uncheck the Marker Ripple button, resize it between the distance I need to adjust the markers, click the Marker Ripple, and then cut that Color Clip out to change marker places past it. Same with pasting them but just change the order of the Marker Ripple button.

So two imperfect solutions haha. Well at least I have another possible workflow I can try out. Plus now I need to figure out how to use more of that Open Other menu as I’ve not really even touched it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your insight!

That is not what I was saying. I said “don’t use markers.” Visualize how a short color clip mark on a track marks a point in time, and how a longer color clip on a track marks a region of time.

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