Working with 8:7

Hello all,

I started playing with the GoPro’s 8:7 sensor and would like some input on how to work with them.

I can export them either to 4K or 1080 for my home tvs.

I know in the Quik app you can change the lens from 16:9 to 4:3, but unsure if this is also applicable to shotcut using the mp4 and .lrv files from the sdcard.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and happy editing!! :slight_smile:

The most useful benefit is cropping. Set the video mode to something 16:9 (or anything not 8:7). Use the Crop: Source video filter and click the Center checkbox. Now, you can use the Bias slide to change the region of interest. Another way to crop that is heavier but more control is to use the Size, Position & Rotate filter. Simply zoom in some and change position to get rid of the black bars and choose the area of interest. This is keyframable.

So, if I understand correctly, it’s better to work on a native res like 16:9 on the video than the 8:7 and resize?

I do not understand your question about “resize.” If you are asking me if I think it is appropriate to stretch the image from 8:7 to 16:9 then I say no.

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