Working across projects

Hello, I have been working with shotcut for a long time now and have realized that a cross-project work system is a good new idea for shotcut.
It is very tiring to transfer all values from one shotcut window to another.
Is an update where you can drag (copy) filters, clips, etc from one shotcut window to another possible?

Starting with 21.08.29 Shotcut uses the System Clipboard for copy/paste so you can copy between Shotcut instances:

There used to be performance issues when running multiple instances of Shotcut. Did that get resolved? Or is the recommendation still to work in a single instance?

I don’t have a Mac to test all platforms, or I would just try it myself.

Should be good now as of latest version 21.09.


The only “performance” impact would be that both instances are still using RAM. So people would have a higher chance of running out of RAM if they have two instances of Shotcut open. Consider closing other instances of Shotcut when exporting.

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I was referring to variations of this issue. Is it able to be closed now?

Please test it for us. First try to reproduce it on an older version.

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