Work together with a other person on the same projekt

I work with a friend together on a project. And we use Shotcut. I the past we shot it everybody by them self and send it to on person. Than we put it together and make it ready. The problem is the quality. I the future we want to make more videos together. And we thinking about the option, that we work in the same project. It would we very nice, when somebody can answere me… It would be very cool. Maybe a idea who I can ask…

Best Regards Shalina

The ideea is cool but it sounds very hard to implement, reatime editing + syncing requires very powerful PCs, fast updates and imagine the conflicts if both work on the same clip and one cuts the first 10 seconds but other one cuts the last seconds and applies a speedup or simply deletes the clip the other is working on.

I would not imagine quality to be the main issue. You can either:

  1. each edit half/some parts of the project and export a high quality intermediate file then at the end one of you merge it together for the final cut of the desired quality

  2. each of you edit half/some parts but instead of exporting you send the .mlt file to the final editor and he exports the project with the 2 .mlts as clips

  3. each of you edit but not at the same time, and every time someone works on it, you share it to the other person (you can even set a googledrive/onedrive/dropbox sync to do this automatically) - but be careful not to both edit at the same time because you’ll create conflicts

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thank you for your ideas… How do you make an intermediate file? Is there a guide for this?
Maybe you mean when I save the project on a computer… An than my friend can use this? That works?

The point is, that is very fast when we work together on the same Projekt… And I tell my friend about Dropbox…

Thank you!

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