Won't Render/Export but doesn't make sense at all

I tried rendering/exporting my file but failed, I copied the log files and shared it here along with the extensions that were needed for the export process [https://drive.google.com/file/d/14L75rRszisxJuyyonph2NkJIa0Xo4nQf/view?usp=sharing]
the problem was that I didn’t had the right “Movit system requirements” but on the list of extensions i did had the extension for myself to export the file. Please help!!! here is a screenshot of my for info https://imgur.com/a/tzrSb

Hi, I don’t have any answers, but could you give more information? Like make and model of computer, does it have a interrogated gpu besides the amd card. Right now the only thing that makes since to me would be that shotcut is trying to use a graphic card/gpu that does not have what is needed. But that you checked the more powerful gpu and think you have all that is needed.