Wont able to install it on my window 7

as i open the installed Shotcut it is asking some “GitHub” driver. Kindly help with this.
Not able to solve this issue, Urgently need this software .

Github drivers? Are you sure ?
Anuyway, re Redownload from here :
Re install over and try again

Make sure you have Windows 7 64bit.

Here is a link to the minimum specifications:

There’s actually a 32bit build still! Technically 4gb ram would be enough for SD video.

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I see the 32bit always linked but never really understood why it was there if the minimum specifications call for 64bit technology.

as a form of legacy olive branch and since some people are still making 32 bit systems(I won’t miss them when they’re gone) I don’t think it’s really “supported” though

I use Shotcut for basic editing of 1280×720 pixel videos from my cell phone where the 32 bit Windows version of Shotcut 18.05 is very stable on my dual core 1.86 GHz Win 7 notebook with 4GB of RAM.The preview playback stutter a little but projects exported as default “YouTube” .mp4 files are perfect.
I pray a 32 bit version of this editor will be available as long as it will compile.

I’m sure it will but even bottom barrel systems these days are shipping with 64 bit windows these days.