Wondering How to Duplicate Transition

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to Shotcut and am wondering how to achieve the diagonal bar transition effect achieved at the beginning of the following video:

So far my best working idea seems to be using a simple mask combined with rotate and scale on a purple background object, and then adding a transition from a pink background placed at the beginning. This means I can vary the transition type and mess with these options, and I can get some cool results doing this, but nothing comes close to the way the bars are exposed in the original video. Here’s an example.

Any ideas? Video is going to be for a niece who is about to celebrate her 21st birthday and is unable to hold a party due to COVID-19 restrictions, so I wanted to replicate parts of the advertising campaign used here in New Zealand. This isn’t a big deal as I will just go with what I have if no solution is forthcoming.


Just had an idea. Size and position combined with Scale and rotate (starting with a thin rotated line to 45 degrees) might work, Off to test it now! Looks like simple mask with the correct rotation and keyframes will do the trick.

Ok so I worked it out. Sorry for the extraneous posts. Done initially with PNG then “open other ➜ color”.

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