Wonder if contributions be done in Python 3?

Just tried Shotcut, portable version, these days.
Really like the timeline hotkeys, very intuitive.

I am learning Python 3 ( mainly on Pandas and other data analysis) and am very interested in exploring
programming on graphics.

Wonder if there’s any discussion group / web meetup that sort of things to exchange ideas regarding Shotcut.

Anyhow, listing below are some of my suggestions to Shotcut:

  • hotkey mapping (e.g. hotkey for filter, or even specific filter) (or maybe I just overlook)
  • keyframe on filter (used to be calling it “effect”)
  • cheat sheets on filters (e.g. noticed the timecode was included as " #timecode# " in the text filter
    (and guess if this is the class name of timecode effect)

Keep up with the good work … looking forward to further discussion… Bravo!