With hardware encoding I'm unable to create proxy file for an "externally" rotated .mov

Hi all,
I’m with the latest SC 20.11.28 on OSX 10.15.7.

My shotcut is actually able to create proxy files (with hardware encoding h264_videotoolbox enabled), but if I take a .mov and rotate it from ffmpeg with the usual command

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mov -c copy -metadata:s:v:0 rotate=“90” OUTPUT.mov;

when I import it in SC, it’s unable to create proxy (hardware encoding enabled): I take

[h264 @ 0x7fd50f81d800] Reinit context to 1920x1088, pix_fmt: yuvj420p
[graph_1_in_0_1 @ 0x7fd50e61ad00] tb:1/48000 samplefmt:s16 samplerate:48000 chlayout:0x3
[format_out_0_1 @ 0x7fd50e61b340] auto-inserting filter ‘auto_resampler_0’ between the filter ‘Parsed_anull_0’ and the filter ‘format_out_0_1’
[auto_resampler_0 @ 0x7fd50e61bb80] ch:2 chl:stereo fmt:s16 r:48000Hz -> ch:2 chl:stereo fmt:fltp r:48000Hz
[Parsed_scale_1 @ 0x7fd50e508ec0] w:-2 h:360 flags:‘bicubic’ interl:0
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0x7fd50e715d40] w:1920 h:1080 pixfmt:yuvj420p tb:1/90000 fr:25/1 sar:1/1 sws_param:flags=2
[transpose @ 0x7fd50e704c80] w:1920 h:1080 dir:2 -> w:1080 h:1920 rotation:counterclockwise vflip:0
[swscaler @ 0x7fd5129f5000] deprecated pixel format used, make sure you did set range correctly
[Parsed_scale_1 @ 0x7fd50e508ec0] w:1080 h:1920 fmt:yuvj420p sar:1/1 -> w:202 h:360 fmt:yuv420p sar:405/404 flags:0x4
[h264_videotoolbox @ 0x7fd50f80ea00] Transfer function smpte170m is not supported.
[h264_videotoolbox @ 0x7fd50f80ea00] Color primaries smpte170m is not supported.
[h264_videotoolbox @ 0x7fd50f80ea00] Error: cannot create compression session: -12915
[h264_videotoolbox @ 0x7fd50f80ea00] Try -allow_sw 1. The hardware encoder may be busy, or not supported.
Error initializing output stream 0:0 – Error while opening encoder for output stream #0:0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height

If I disable the hardware encoding, it’s all right - the proxy files are generated.

Anyone able to reproduce this behaviour?
Any suggestion will be appreciated, thanks a lot.


Change color transfer and primaries to bt601 when you rotate then try again.

-colorspace bt601 -color_primaries bt601 -color_trc bt601

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