Wishlist category in forum

Hi, I wonder if it would be possible to add a wishlist or feature suggestion category in the forum (or to clarify whether it is there already and only available to experienced users of the forum).

Currently, the Shotcut issue tracker has a notice explicitly inviting to use the forum for feature suggestions, but there seems to be no dedicated category in the forum (at least I only see “uncategorized”, “help”, “bug”, “Made with shotcut”, “Tutorial”, “Resources” and “Site feedback”). As a matter of fact, I see some messages tagged as “suggestion”, but it is unclear to me if this category is assignable.

There is a threshold users must meet to mark it as Suggestions.

Suggestions are at times posted without searching for what they are seeking. Many times suggestions have been posted numerous times for items that are on the roadmap, but haven’t been implemented yet.

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