Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\Shotcut\uninstall.exe

Hi, I already bought shotcut on microsoft store so I could get automatic updates but I somehow lost the uninstaller for when I originally used the web download version. I looked in program files and I everything shotcut related is already deleted. Not really sure what to do because the program still keeps popping up and not letting me uninstall. I already tried revo uninstaller and it didn’t work.

Shotcut is free software …which can usually be obtained here, in the download tab.
To uninstall it, go to the control panel / programs and features.

Can you show us where Shotcut is installed? Or, show us how you start up Shotcut and we can infer from that.

Not sure if this helps, but this is where the problem is. (I don’t see shotcut in my program files at all btw besides the top version of shortcut on this app and features page). On the bright side, I’m still able to use the program after reinstalling, I just think that this extra part of shotcut whatever it is. It is being stubborn and not uninstalling.

Thanks for the screenshots. Very helpful. It seems that the Apps & features screen is remembering something that was previously uninstalled. In my past experience, windows would ask me if I wanted to remove such an entry from the list. But apparently it is not giving you that option.

Have you tried to reboot to see if that clears it from the list?

I also wonder what would happen if you try to uninstall the top Shotcut entry (the one that has the logo in the icon). Maybe that would somehow clear out both of them.

I hope some other users have more suggestions.

Unfortunately uninstalling the top shotcut doesn’t do anything I have tried that. I think the bottom icon is just some sort of ghost icon that was left there somehow because the uninstaller didn’t completely uninstall it. Not really sure if I can get rid of it. Also tried rebooting and didn’t do anything. It’s not too big of a deal since I’m still able to use shotcut pain free but I guess I’m stuck with it for the time being.

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