Windows 7 support

Is Shotcut on Windows 7? Pls reply

Not brutally sure on the latest version of shotcut but you need at least an 64 bit system , As I do not have a windows 7 now, But here are the system requirements:-

But it is written here it could also work on Windows 7 *(If you have an 64 bit Win 7).

Version 21.01.29 was available on 32 bit Windows systems also.
I remember when I was clicking on the download link, there were also links for the 32bit version. But now, searching in the archive there is only 64bit version is available to download… :open_mouth:

I have Windows 7 64-bit edition and Shotcut runs fine on it.

A windows 7 was my first pc, When My dad gifted me that and there I found pre-installed editor from microsoft, My journey of video editing began from there and now after testing many video editors I am on shotcut.
I love my old win 7, I wish I could have that now. Even the softwares I tested on that, Includes shotcut in
year 2013 but it was not so developed at that time so I quitted it and now it is better to see a new and more powerful shotcut.

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Support for 32 bit ended with Shotcut version 20.09.27


32 bit Shotcut can still be downloaded here.

Thanks very much, I have Windows 7 64 bit so I’m starting my adventure with Shotcut

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