Windows 7, 8.1, QT6

Just wanted to log that some developers have been working on Qt6 Win7 apps if anyone is interested.

I am not sure that the Win7 user base for shotcut is less users than say FreeBSD with regards priorities.

There is an idea of an “unsupported operating system” … however in reality different users have different mods / upgrades / security on this own system … it is very unclear who has a more secure system,especially given the many backdoors MS has placed in Win10/11.
Perhaps this is of interest to someone.

Why moving from Win7 is problematic DNS traffic analysis:

Do it yourself if you want. I do not build the Qt libs included in Shotcut for Windows, and I am not going to start building them from a fork. Meanwhile, people can still run Shotcut 22.12 on Windows 7.