Windows 10 - Shotcut sporadically working?

Most of the time it doesn’t fully open? This is the last thing I see "Loading plugins…


I’m a Windows 10 user, and it works fine for me.
The information needed from you can be found here: Requesting Support (2019)

You’ll have to tell us more about your system(cpu ram disk, free space and shotcut version), I’ve used shortcut almost exclusively on windows 10 and never seen an issue like that.

Oh…My 15 year old figured it out. He heard of similar issues with an external monitor…As soon as I unplugged the 2nd display program worked…

Thanks for the responses!!!

I run 2 monitors all of the time on Windows 10, never had this issue.

And I run 3 i’ve never seen it either, if you’re having issues with multiple monitors @RainyLake I might suggest upgrading your graphics driver.

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