Windows 10 crashes to start up, ver. 18.03

Help, in Windows 10 crashes to start up both the 32bit version and the 64bit version in Lenovo Laptop ideapad 110, Shotcut ver. 18.03

What model ideapad? what specifically happens during the crash?

Hi, ideapad 110 15 ACL with AMD A8 processor, LAPTOP 500GJUTF RADEON 5 GRAPHICS 2,2GHZ, 64bit operating system Winddows 10

The software of Shotcut does not get to completely start, during that time leaves a window that says: shotcut.exe stopped working for a problem. Wndows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution.

thank you very much,
José Viruez Arce
Catalonia, Spain.

Did you launch it successfully at any point and enable the gpu processing?