Windows 10 64bit Problem

I am working on the project in the timeline and use “Split At Playhead” somewhere on the clip 2 times. On the resulting part of th clip I use the function “separate audio” in the right click menu. After that I delete the resultig audio track by pressing the delete button on the marked audio track (just to remove any unwanted audio from the video track).
After doing that I am NOT able to use “Split At Playhead” anymore, it does nothing.

I use Shotcut version 19.02.28 (german version) and windows 10 pro version 1809 build 17763.379

I followed the exact procedure you posted. Could not reproduce this issue. Split at play head worked fine.

The problem might be that you are in a region using comma for decimal. That has been known to cause issues with Shotcut.

I did an upload of a video with a screen capture of the bug. You can see the steps I did to reproduce the bug. If you need more information, please tell me. Thanks in advance.

Because of the restrictions of the forum the file has the extension “pdf”. You have to rename it to ".mp4Recorded-Bug.pdf (3.1 MB)
" to play the video.

After you detach the audio, select the clip you want to split then press s to split.

Looked at your video. After you detach the audio you are not selecting a clip. That is why split isn’t working.

Thank you for your quick response. You are right, it was my fault. Sorry to disdurb you

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