Win 7 | when I export it, i can't see the video. I just hear the sound

Hey guys,

I hope you’ll understand my problem correctly.
It is my first time using Shortcut and it worked out very well. I edited a video, cutting out parts, added pictures, added music. Now I want to export it and I clicked on the export button that looks like a disc or something simmilar. I selected Youtube (because I want to do it for Youtube) and didn’t change anything in the different adjustment tabs (Video, Codec, Audio), gave it a name and saved it as a MP4 file.

Now I waited a little bit and when it was done I opened the folder and wanted to watch the Video with Windows media player. But I can only hear the sounds of me, the music, and the ingame sound (the sound of the captured video) but I can’t see any video. Only sound. Always.

The wierd thing is: I tried the same exporting adjustments on a Video that was made out of two pictures and some music (as a test if it works with this video) and it worked out well. Maybe I already did something wrong during the editing?

Thanks in advance,


Uhm well…

the problem was windows media player. Not the video :smiley:
I just tried it with VLC media player and it worked fine. Sorry guys for bothering you.
Thanks for this awesome editing programm.

Have a nice day

P.S.: I just don’t understand why the other video worked but not the real video :sweat_smile:

if your on windows you should use mpc-be or mpc-hc

yeah, its not your fault, its that media player on windows 7 is especially terrible, its a lot better on windows 7, VLC is still the best out of any of them.