Will Shotcut export a video that contains an untouched/unprocessed wav 1411kbps audio?

Hi good people!

Can I load my uncompressed wav 1411kbps file to Shotcut, create a video, and then export my video in a format that contains the audio in uncompressed 1411kbps wav quality? (then I want to upload the video to youtube)
I don’t want the 1411kbps wav audio to be processed in any way inside Shotcut (neither during exporting the video).
I just want to add the ready wav 1411kbps audio file (that already is dithered) to the video, and render a video that has the lossless audio in the 1411kbps quality.
Can Shotcut do this?

If yes, what video formats can I render to, so I have a truly untouched 1141kbps wav audio in the video file?

Will such export settings be best for the best audio quality in the video? :
I’m especially confused by the 1M b/s audio setting (which I chose myself, as the highest available)…

Thank you for your help!

We won’t be able to make that promise. The audio may be converted from 16bit integer to float and back again along the way. I would consider this lossless but maybe not “unprocessed”.

Not all settings apply to all formats. We do not disable export settings based on the selected codec. Nor do we stop the user from choosing values that might be outside of the range allowed by the coded. This is why it is labeled “Advanced”. In the case of pcm_s16le, the bitrate setting will be ignored and the audio will not be compressed. I believe this would meet the spirit of what you are looking for.

Thanks Brian!

Even if I don’t apply any effects to the audio inside Shotcut (not even a volume change or a fade out) then still the wav can go from 16bit integer to 16bit float? or to 32bit float?

Because if it goes to 32bit float, then I’d better export my song from FL Studio as wav 32-bit float, and load the 32bit float wav to Shotcut?

So when I export AVI or MP4 video using pcm_s16le or pcm_s24le audio codec, I can be sure that the audio will not have a lower bitrate than the source wav file loaded to Shotcut, right?
(btw. I can choose the bitrate 1Mb/s in the audio tab - it won’t hurt, right?)

Yes. For example, the mix operation in the timeline operates in 32bit float.

I think you are hung up on an unimportant detail. If you start with 16bit audio, the values can go round trip from integer to float without any loss. The conversion from 16bit->float->16bit is lossless.

If your input PCM format matches your output PCM format then they will have the same bitrate.

Set it to whatever you want. It will be ignored for PCM output.

Can you confirm that I can export an MP4 video that will contain 16bit wav 1411kbps audio? (using the pcm_s16le codec)

Meaning that:

  • if I load a 44,1 kHz 16bit 1411kbps wav to Shotcut and export AVI or MP4 with pcm_s16le, I’ll get a video with 44,1 kHz 16bit 1411kbps wav audio.
  • if I load a 44,1 kHz 24bit 2116kbps wav to Shotcut and export AVI or MP4 with pcm_s24le, I’ll get a video with 44,1 kHz 24bit 2116kbps wav audio,

Can I add dithering to the audio inside Shotcut? (if I use 24bit source audio and want to export audio in 16bit)



Last thing,
Could you confirm that I can export an MP4 video that will contain 44.1kHz 16bit wav 1411kbps audio? (using the pcm_s16le codec)

I heard that many video editors don’t allow to render an MP4 video containing a 1411kbps wav audio…

I don’t think you can put PCM in wav. The export gave an error when I tried it in Shotcut. It works in MOV, though.

Your questions are very detailed and specific. I would encourage you to do some experimenting in Shotcut yourself and see what works for you.

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