Widget incomplete when debugging

Continuing the discussion from Unable to debug Shotcut project using GDB on Windows 10:

Hi, after fixing this issue, the debugged Shotcut.exe would be incomplete with the QML Debugger Console showing info as “shotcut-sdk-240428/src/shotcut/build/Desktop_Qt_6_5_2_MinGW_64_bit-Debug/src/keyframes.qml not found”. I’m not expert at QT, just wrote a batch script which could copy the js and qml files to debug directory in build step. Then Console shows info as “Shotcut.VerticalScrollBar not a type” and the window is still incomplete, cannot import project and timeline widget misses.


I did not debug Shotcut so far, but debugging under Windows crashes always with some graphical Qt objects. I cannot run or debug the QWT plot graphics with the debug build under Windows (64 bit MINGW build) so I had to disable these functions when I am debugging my Qt Application under Windows. Under Linux I did not have any of this problems with debugging.