Why the 'shift+left button(mouse)' function disappear on timeline?

I could not move on timeline with ‘shift+left button(mouse) click’ after changing latest version.
(Unfortunately, I do not know my previous version.)
It was so powerful function to move exact point on timeline.

You mean ALT + left/right arrow keys to move to the end/beginning of next/prev. clip?
Its not Shift - its ALT + l/r :slight_smile:
Or are you testing the new beta?

Thanks for your response but I mean that ‘shift+left button of mouse’.
It is my mistakes.

What is that suppose to do ?

There is Alt + Click/Dragging a clip if the goal is to temporarily disable snapping so that precise alignment can be done. Is that what you’re looking for?

The keyboard modifier for Skim changed somewhat recently. Skim is now Shift + Alt + mouse movement. Click/drag is not required.

Other options can be found on the Shortcuts page, with mouse options at the bottom:


oh!! great!!!
Thanks a lots!!
It want to find the functionality.

Great!! have a nice day~~

It was changed because shift is used to range select multiple clips, and that action should not imply moving the playhead. It created a conflict.

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