Why no sound?

My info:
Windows 7 system, 64 bit, i3 CPU, circa 2015, 1gb GPU
Shotcut version? 21.12.24
Is it 32-bit? Don’t know, it doesn’t say.

The problem:
No sound in the editor or in exported videos, can’t figure out why. Application log uploaded below. Screenshot as well, below.

ShotCut application log.txt (32.0 KB)


Doesn’t looks like windows 7, because of the xp bar icons (you might be using a xp theme on windows 7).

But it is surely, the latest version. And is 64 bit, because that’s the only option available.

But you didn’t clarify what you were doing when your problem stood. I vaguely understand the problem recreation process.

But as to my understanding, go to the sound settings of windows, and check how much is the volume for shotcut, it might have been set to 0% mistakenly.

Another thing that I suspect

I have not used any windows 7 for a long time, so I vaguely remember this thing, but I think the wildlife video didn’t had any sound in it. I am still not sure about it.

Click here to make sure Shotcut itself is not muted. Windows volume mixer.

As far as exporting, perhaps share what steps/settings you used to export the video.

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What about the Audio waveform on the clip? That’s usually a good hint. :wink:

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Oh! Just didn’t notice that… :man_facepalming:

It’s working now, i think it was the mute button on the audio track. Thanks everyone!

(The wildlife video I was looking on the video track in the timeline I don’t think had the problem, I just used it for the screenshot but didn’t actually test the export.)

It’s Win 7 with the XP theme. (I dislike the overdesigned Win 7 theme.)

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Strangely, you are the only person I have seen who doesn’t like a windows 7 theme. When windows 7 stopped support, my whole friend circle was in chaos, because they loved the theme.

Don’t know why, I am little bit joined with transparency even when I don’t like windows 7’s way of working. I more like win 10, but still like the old theme.
I wish if Microsoft could rebuild the transparency again.

really?? well, I don’t like the transparency. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks…

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