Why is the default length of text or color clip so long?

Something’s been perplexing me for several months now.
Why, when you select Open>color or Open>text, then drag into the timeline, does it create a clip which is 8 minutes long by default?

The playhead then goes to the end of the clip, 8 minutes along the timeline - so I invariably have to select “home” then split the clip then hit “delete” (or split and press “o”. Alternatively I’ve got into the habit of pressing “o” near the beginning of the blue bar in the preview pane before dragging into the timeline.

Is the 8 minutes (actually 8 minutes 20 seconds) default set for a reason please? I would have thought an ideal default length for a text or color clip would be about 5 seconds. It’s easy to then lengthen the clip if so desired, by dragging its end.

Many thanks. Appreciate all the improvements, @shotcut and look forward to more to come…!!!

I noticed this on Github:

I understand this to mean that my suggestion above has been addressed for version 19.02 … is this correct? (If so, thanks, @shotcut for this improvement!!).

Yes, beta is coming soon. Just wrapping up the upgrade to Qt 5.9.7, which has been a lot of work.

With that new upgrade, is there any chance of it taking care of this:



Is it an issue that just can’t be fixed or is it because the Qt update didn’t address that issue?